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Cusco City Tour


The tour starts at the impressive Colonial Cathedral in Cusco that contains over 400 paintings from the Cusqueña School, several altars. After that we go to visit the Temple of the Sun, main religious center of the Incas dedicated to the Sun Cult. According to the chroniclers, the walls of this temple were entirely covered with gold. From here we go by bus the visit the four ruins at less than 8 km from Cusco, including Sacsayhuam?n, famous for its enormous carved rocks and Q'enqo y Tambomachay.

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City tour


The Tour start at 13:50 hrs. and it finishes at 18:00 hrs.
Cusco Destination Travel takes the tourist toward the "QORIKANCHA" (one of the most important shrines in Cusco during the incas time), which shows an interesting dominican colonial church upon inca foundations. (about 40 minutes).

The second visit is to another colonial church "THE CATHEDRAL" at the main square, which shows over 300 impresive colonial paintings, including many from the Cusco School. (About 40 minutes).

The tour keeps going to "SACSAYWAMAN", this site is a megalithic work made by the INCAS; it stands on a hill looming over the city to the north-yet even these enormous stones are filled with that extraordinary inca perfection. (About 1 hour).

The sightseeing is named "QENQO", another shrine by the incas time close to Sacsaywaman, it shows a singular limestone outcrop, which was used to religious cult. (About 15 minutes).

Puka Pukara a couple of km still further north towards Pisac, are the ruins of a small Inca fort called Puka Pukara.

City tourThe tour finishes at "PUKAPUKARA" and "TAMBOMACHAY". The first was a kind of establishment or post-house where travelers were logged and goods, animals, etc. were housed temporarily. The second one which is populary called the "BA?O DEL INCA"-the inca s bath, is a rather finely preserved example of a site for ritual bathing and water cult. (About 15 minutes)


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